What is your business vehicle to get you where you want to go? Whether you are working and looking for a plan B or searching for a job a plan B is a great option.  A few hours a week could turn into a viable company with leveraging power. Only with a business could you leverage your equity.  One of the fastest ways to wealth. WE help business owners making 30-40k a year get into a million dollar business in 3-5 years.  As for a leveraging spreadsheet to see your constraints.

If your thinking about thinking about a plan B we invite you to search-out your options with Growth Concepts. With online/offline support are you ready for the following:

1. Participating in weekly Online Business Group Discussions.
2. Personal Coaching for career, equity leveraging and wealth development.
3. Personal Business Coaching for Plan B

There are several options for those considering plan B or a career move. Ask one of our Business Advisors your questions.  Contact us.

Testimonial of Training/Consultancy

Wow Coaching session was Amazing today.
Delighted to be the part of this innovative learning.

My focus is to have Earning & Learning moving with Velocity by Being with You.



I took the Business value training with Mr. David Whipple and it was very interesting.

He helped me a lot not solving my existing business problems but helping me a lot with a better understanding with “what is business value all about”. A consulting practice is more than a problem/solution proposal and the implementation of this, it is a deep understanding first of the value Pillars and drivers that a business has and the way to combine them to make an earning move. It is an intuitive process, with the right metrics and finding the best combination of them, you can have different scenarios an measure them in order determine what is the best (low cost and more impact) earning move to maximize business value.

He helps me also in a new way of thinking, more than giving me the answers or the solutions. Further this holistic point of view support me to think a company like a whole function, more than the sum of parts.

I believe in this consulting practice, and I think that is a new way on doing consulting practice these days, where consultant company charge a lot of money to do things, this way they can start introspecting differently and improve their selves.

Thanks Dave for all your goodwill that makes me motivated in developing this new business practice in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Best Regards

Freddy Melhem (BS)

Alto Value inc., Buenos Aires



We are looking for Advisors with experience with various businesses.  We typically we work with businesses valued under $50,000,000 but have worked with non-profits and educational institutions. If you feel you meet the requirements for an Executive Advisor and would like to work with a global network of Executives submit your resume through the contact page and we will contact you for an interview.

If you do not double the cost of the training and materials in the first 3-6 months, or obtain a job placement or business purchase opportunity within the first 3-6 months, we will continue to provide our professional support services to you at no additional cost until you do.

IF you feel you are qualified to form an Alliance with Growth Concepts visit the contact page and submit a resume or C. V..